Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame

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The lounges and the musicians who play them have been key in making Las Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the World.  From the Treniers and The Three Suns in the 1940's, to Louis Prima holding court and jamming all night at the Casbah Lounge at the Sahara in the 50's to Kenny Rogers and the First Edition at the Sands in the 70's to Big Elvis at the Barbary Coast in 2000, the lounges have provided a showcase for thousands of talented performers to entertain millions of visitors.  These performers have been as important to Las Vegas entertainment as the headliners, and we honor them here.


Joe Vento

Lifetime Achievement

Inducted 2015

We pay special tribute to Joe Vento who first performed in Las Vegas with The Three Suns at the El Rancho Vegas in the 1940's.  At 97 in 2015, Joe is still performing in Las Vegas, most recently at the Royal Resort. 

Lounge Headliners

The Treniers, The Three Suns, Dondino, Copeland Davis and hundreds more have headlined Las Vegas lounges and are as important a part of Las Vegas entertainment history as those who have headlined the main rooms. 


Lounge Musicians

Lounge headliners need their back up band to put on a show.  Those many musicians are recognized for their talent and contributions to Las Vegas entertainment. 


Headliner Inductees

Dondino - It only takes one name to describe this fabulous entertainer.  While he has headlined around the world, we honor him for his years of entertaining in the lounges of Las Vegas.  He came here in the 70's and has performed at virtually every hotel including an unprecedented 14 year run at the Four Queens.  He also holds the Ripley's Believe It or Not record for being the most seen performer with one couple attending his show 2,700 times over the years.  When not on stage, Dondino works with Children's reading programs.


Lounge Musician Inductees

Joey Ugarte - Joey has been the conga player for virtually every entertainer in Las Vegas since he came to town with the Copeland Davis Band in 1972.  Some of the most notable players he has worked with are Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds, The DeCastro Sister, Dondino, Joe Williams. and, well  . . . everybody else!

Lounge Headliner Inductees - 2014

The Copeland Davis Band - Copeland Davis and his band were "discovered" playing in Florida and were brought to Las Vegas by the notorious Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal, Entertainment Director at the Stardust, in 1972.  Copeland and his band played the lounge nightly for two years to standing room only.  He is now back in Florida performing and working with children's music programs.

Lifetime Achievement - 2014

Robbie Robinson - This is a man who has truly done it all!  Beginning as a teenager he became a member of The Platters before they were a successful group.  He sang with a variety of Platters' line-ups over the years, performed with The Flares with their hit "Foot Stomping," and has traveled the world entertaining.  A longtime Las Vegas resident, the 80-something multi-talented performer continues to play his sax in lounges around town, most recently Ichobads.  

Huck Daniels has been a staple of the Las Vegas Lounges for more than 30 years.  He was brought to town by Earl "Good Rockin" Brown, and has played to the delight of audiences at every major hotel with a long run at the Strasoaphere.

Earl "Good Rockin'" Brown brought jazz to the lounges of Las Vegas over 45 years ago.  He and his sax have made the rounds of all the lounges and is still playing.  Have Sax.  will Travel.  

Lifetime Achievement - 2015

Don Hill - Don has been a Las Vegas star since the 1940's when he came to Las Vegas to play the lounges with The Treniers.  Don continued to play with the group until the death of the last Trenier cousin, but he didn't put his saxophone down.  At 93 he is still jamming around town and is a member of Jazzin' Jeanne Brei's band which performs regularly at the Italian American Club, a popular venue of local Las Vegas  entertainment.

Inducted 2015
ICON Award
Don Hill was performing with the Treniers before Skip was born, but as soon as he was old enough, Skip joined his family, both biological and musical, onstage.    He has performed around the world with The Treniers, but Las Vegas is home to this talented and energetic performer.
The Rose Brothers, Bobby, Kenny, Greg and  Larry, had Top 40 charting hits in the 80's, appeared on Soul Train, and have played the stages of Las Vegas as a group and individually for the last three decades
Jeneane Marie has graced the stages of Las Vegas venues for almost four decades with her high energy performances and powerful voice.  She has brought quality entertainment in many genres to admiring audiences, pouring love into every note.