Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame

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The Mary Kaye Trio, Skip Trenier (The Treniers), Frankie Laine, Pat Boone,

Prince Spencer (The Four Step Brothers), and many more


The Platters

Inducted 2012

ICON Award

It was The Platters 58 years on Las Vegas marquees that was the inspiration for the Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame.  The Platters name appeared in Las Vegas from 1955 through 2012 with multiple line-ups all under the management or licensing of Personality Productions. The group opened the Moulin Rouge in 1955, moved to the Flamingo and returned to close the Moulin Rouge six months later.  The group played the Flamingo for the next eighteen months, did a tour of Europe where they were so popular their fill-in guest artists were Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday and returned to the U.S. and Las Vegas where the name appeared on casino marquess including opening the Maxim, at New York New York, the International, and for sixteen weeks a year for ten years at the Four Queens, and, as a licensed group name, at the Sahara for fifteen years before moving to the Rio until 2012.

           The 50's with lead singer Tony Williams                                   The 60's with lead singer Sonny Turner                       The 70's thru 90's with lead singer Monroe Powell


Steve Rossi

Inducted 2014

ICON Award

Singer/Comedy Headliner

He had an unrivaled voice but made his mark as straight man to Marty Allen for more than a decade.  He later teamed with Slappy White and Bernie Allen and then re-teamed with Marty Allen on many stages in Las Vegas and with a lifetime contract at Vegas World.  Steve also produced shows for many young, up and coming performers in Vegas.

Marty Allen

Inducted 2015

ICON Award

Comedy Headliner

From door to door dance lesson salesman to following The Beatles on Ed Sullivan to a lifetime contract at Bob Stupak's Vegas World, Marty has kept us laughing for more than 50 years.  He is a true comedy icon and a superstar in the Las Vegas entertainment community.

Gary Puckett
Inducted 2015
What better reason to include Gary Puckett and the Union Gap in the Hall of Fame than the fact that he outsold The Beatles in 1968.  Gary began headlining in Las Vegas in 1980, and most recently has been at the Southpoint where he delights audiences with his fabulous voice, stage presence, great musicians and beautiful daughter.

Pete Barbutti

Inducted 2016


Cigar wielding Pete Barbutti is a resident of Las Vegas. A fabulously funny comedian, he in also an accomplished musician and incorporates music into his comedy routines, playing the piano, accordian aka the "Cordeen" and trumpet.  He has appeared on stages up and down the Las Vegas Strip as well as dozens of television shows, including  The Alan Thicke Show, The Alan Hamel Show, The Mike Douglas Show, The Merv Griffin Show, The Joey Bishop Show, Dinah!, The John Davidson Show, and The Steve Allen Playhouse.

Rich Little

Inducted 2016


Rich Little has headlined from one end of the Strip to the other.  A master mimic of more than 200 voices, he imitated Presidents from JFK to Barack Obama.  Little continues to impress with a touring schedule throughout the United States and Canada.  Infamous for his skewering of political figures, he has charmed, amused, intrigued and gotten the best of politicians from here to his native Canada with President Reagan  saying, "You do me better than I do." 

Pat Boone

Inducted 2018

ICON Award


Pat Boone was the #1 draw at the  Sahara for years.  He was finally knocked out of the spot when Johnny Carson came to town.  Pat's opening act at the Sahara for some of his appearances was another, soon to be well-known act, Sonny and Cher.  And Pat was also in a small class of headliners who appeared on Fremont Street at the Fremont.  his career has covered six decades from Top Ten recording artist, to actor, gospel, spokesman, father of Debbie Boone and father-in-law of Miguel Ferrer.  His is a family dynasty and a Las Vegas ICON.