Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame

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Aaron Phillips - Broadcaster

Ane - Vocalist


Bob Anderson - Headliner/Impressionist

Bobby Jonz - Lounges

Bob Kelly - Lounges

Bruce Commander Garrett - Broadcaster

Buck Ram - Manager/Songwriter (The Platters)

Buddy Greco - Headliner


Carme Petrillo - 5 Star Performer

Christy Love brooks - Vocalist

Copeland Davis - Bandleader

Cork Procter - MC/Comedian


Dan Ward - Tribute Artist/George Burns

Denise Rose - Tribute Artist/Judy Garland

Dixie Dooley - Magician

Don Hill - Saxophonist/The Treniers

Dondino - Headliner


Earl "Good Rockin'" Brown - Bandleader


Frankie Laine - Headliner


G. P. Entertainer - Vocal Impressionist

Gary Campbell - Broadcaster

Gary Puckett - Headliner

Gene "PooPoo Man" Anderson - Headliner

Glen Smith - Headliner

Gloria White - Showgirl


Huck Daniels - Bandleader


James Payton - Entertainment Director

Jay Ramsey - Lounges

Jean Bennett - Public Relations/Manager (The Platters)

Jim Mann - Tribute Artist/Buddy Holly

Joe Darro - Bandleader

Joey Scinta - Headliner

Joey Ugarte - Percussionist

John Kaye - 5 Star Performer

John Stuart - Producer

Johnny Thompson - Tribute Artist/Elvis


Karon Kate Blackwell - 5 Star Performer

Kristy Love Brooks - Vocalist


Larry "Wild" Wrice - Vocalist/Drummer

Louis Ball - Jazz Pianist

Louis Conner - Talent Booker/Restaurateur


Mary Kaye Trio - Lounges

Marty Allen - Headliner/Comedian

Maurice Hayes - Guitarist

Michael McKensie Pratt - Choreographer/Asst. Show Manager

Mr. Charles - Tribute Artist/Ray Charles


Nancy Williams - Showgirl/Costumes


Paige Poole - Tribute Artist/Elvis

Pat Boone - Healiner

Pete Bartutti - Headliner/Comedian

The Platters - Headliners

Prince Spencer - Dancer (The 4 Step Brothers)


Redd Foxx - Headliner/Comedian

Rich Little - Headliner/Impressionist

Ricky Cash - Broadcaster

Robbie Robinson - Saxophonist/vocalist

The Rose Brothers - Lounges


Skip Trenier - Vocalist (The Treniers)

Steve Rossi - Headliner/Vocalist/Producer

Suzanne Goulet - Tribute Artist/Liza 


Tony Sacca

Ambassador of Las Vegas Entertainment


Walter Mason - Entertainment Director

Tribute Artists

In the last ten years entertainment in Las Vegas has changed dramatically.  Gone are the lounges with 24/7 entertainment.  Vacations to Las Vegas are no longer planned around the stars playing the main rooms for three or more weeks at a time.  Currently Las Vegas entertainment is Cirque production shows and one or two night concerts with an occasional headliner "in residence," and, the last surviving showgirl show, Jubilee.  This change has led to a new breed of Las Vegas entertainer - the Tribute Artist.  These talented performers pay tribute to the superstars who made Las Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the World, and we are proud to make them a part of the Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame.  We recognize two categories of Tribute Artists:  those who headline in showrooms and those who are part of Tribute Artist shows


John Stuart
Inducted 2015
John Stuart is the Father of the Tribute Artist show.  He brought Legends in Concert to the Imperial Palace for an unchallenged 34 years.  John, who began as a performer himself at the age of five, has produced shows up and down the Strip including Treasure Island, Planet Hollywood and the Tommy Wind Theater.  

Johnny Thompson

Inducted 2013

Johnny came to Las Vegas a dozen years ago and began performing at the Elvis Museum.  It wasn't long before he was seen at venues around town.  He has now relocated to the balmy south seas but looks forward to returning to Las Vegas.

Dan Brown

Inducted 2014

Well, he looks like George Burns and was  friends of the talented comedy icon.  It was only natural that he would pay tribute to Burns. Dan began his act in California but moved to Las Vegas where he performs at a variety of  events.

Jim Mann

Inducted 2014

Jim never thought of becoming an entertainer until some friends in Dayton Beach challenged him to enter a contest because "with glasses" you'd look just like Buddy Holly."  Jim entered the contest and won first place his first time on a stage.  He moved to Las Vegas and has performed on the Fremont Street Experience stage, the Riviera, Bill's Casino, Railroad Pass and more.

Paige Poole

Inducted 2014

Paige Poole does a great Roy Orbison.  He also does a great Paige Poole, but he known in Las Vegas for his tribute to Elvis.  He has performed at most major hotels and occasionally leaves the Las Vegas heat for a cool Caribeen cruise.

GP Entertainer

Inducted 2014

GP (aka Gregory Poindexter) is from Chicago and spent years on the road with a rock band.  He has now settled in Las Vegas where he is seen at events around the city and was the featured perform at the "Showgirls Show" at the Clarion until the hotel was imploded.

Headlining Tribute Artist

Bill Whitten

Inducted 2014

7 Years at Vegas World as Elvis

Dean Martin in the Original Rat Pack Show at the Tropicana

Denise Rose

Inducted 2014

Denise was born just miles from Judy Garland's birthplace.  Petite like Garland and with a voice to match, she has taken her show across the country but is based in Las Vegas where she performs at Ron DeCar's event Center, the Italian American Club, the M Resort and for our veterans