Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame

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Showgirls!   Dancers!   Comedians!   Magicians!   Variety Acts!   Choreographers!   

Costumes, Hair and Make-up!  And 5 Star Performers!

Michael McKensie Pratt

Inducted 2013


Michael McKensie Pratt came to Las Vegas  in the 1970's to open the Lido de Paris at the Stardust. He opened Hallelujah Hollywood at the MGM and was assistant company manager for Jubliee! for 8 1/2 years.  There was more than  a touch of realism in the movie Casino when Michael recreated an argument he had with Lefty Rosenthal for the film.   Michael gives back to the community by teaching dance at the West Las Vegas Arts Center.

Louis Conner
Inducted 2015
Talent Booker/Restaurateur
Louis Conner came to Las Vegas 37 years ago where he was head of the Food  Beverage Department at the Hacienda Hotel.  Thirty years ago he opened the world re-known Seven Seas Restaurant and he has been booking the very best local entertainers in Las Vegas ever since. 

Karon Kate Blackwell

Inducted 2015

5 Star Performer

This lady is so talented we created a speacial category of 5 Star Performer for her and other artists like her. She has headlined with her husband, Marty Allen, for the last 20 years on Las Vegas Stages, but she has been an opening act, plays piano, sings and is "straight woman" to Marty's comedy.  There's little this talented lady doesn't do. 

Carme Pitrello
Inducted 2015
5 Star Performer
Came Pitrello does it all.  He sings.  He tells jokes.  He entertainers, and he has more than 9,000 appearances on Las Vegas stages in a dozen production shows.  It is this kind of talent that put Las Vegas on the map.  He deserted Las Vegas for Orlando, Florida a couple of years ago, but his indelible talent is etched into the fabric of Las Vegas.
Cork Proctor
Inducted 2015
Cork Proctor was a staple of Las Vegas stages for decades.  He was also heard in voice overs, seen in television commercials, and left them laughing at conventions.  Voted Comedian of the Year in Atlantic City, Cork was the star of the show in Las Vegas at very casino on the Strip in shows like "Bottoms Up," and "Minsky's."
Dr. Prince Spencer
Dr. Spencer is the last  surviving member of the Four Step Brothers, a.k.a. "The Eight Feet of Rhythm."  He joined the dance troupe in 1941 and appeared in film and on stage with them until 1964.  He is a long time Las Vegas resident and was inducted into the Hall of fame at his 98th birthday party. 
Glenn Smith
Inducted 2015
5 Star Performer
Glenn Smith is not only a 5 Star performer, but a true pillar of Las Vegas society.  He is a performer, a singer, and musician who has shared the stage with every top entertainer who has come to town.  He is also a founder of Opportunity Village which supports children with Downs syndrome.  For 27 years Glenn produced the Concert of Love to support Las Vegas's #1 charity.  He is a star both onstage and in the community.